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in both hubs, a new set of bearings in the right axle, new wheels and tires, and a new winch rope. Alright, I can go slower I guess. All the golfers have left for the course, so it is easy to hitch up the trailer to the car in the parking lot. Fortunately, our shallow draft allows us to avoid them without damage. Tire inflation is set to the specified pressures: car front, 30 pounds; car rear, 34 pounds; trailer, 50 pounds. This is the Upper Peninsula of my boyhood, preserved just as I remember. There are miles of passages ahead of us, all well marked and charted on the noaa Chart, and augmented with dozens of locally maintained aids, which alert you to detached shoals or point out little canals you can use as shortcuts. Tomahawk is in the Northwoods, where scenic lakes, woods, and endless recreational opportunities intertwine. Well, I am not completely against sampling the native foodstuffs, so I order myself some Leinenkugel's. Surfeit of Sailboats Back at the Winfield Inn, we crash for an afternoon nap.

She goes for the local flavor again, trying a locally bottled hard apple cider, with 6 alcohol content. A twin-hulled, catermaran style tug, intended for attachment to an integrated tug-barge combo, nears completion in the yards. Rapsberry Bay Larger image "Looks like a storm's coming one of the fishermen yells. From the look of things, almost every one that was sold is still afloat, as Whalers are everywhere up here. The new place is an attractive building, too. Well, time to go back, we decide. It's just the extreme northern areas, sdg trailer coupon code where we are, that aren't experiencing a deluge. More important to us, there is plenty of room to park the boat and trailer. The Crown Vic is pretty much the archetypical government or police sedan. We load boat and car for travel, grab some coffee and danish at the lodge's complimentary continental breakfast-china cups thank you- and hit the road.

That won't be much fun, and from the look of the weather, fog is likely to be what the crossing will be made. What: Come meet Santa, Mrs. Now, to increase the clearance available for vessel passage when "closed the center span has been raised to align its lower deck with the upper or highway deck of the two sides. Most of the shops are closed, though. They even have gone so far as to provide little lecterns with information about each boat for the inquisitive visitor like. So is the food. In the trunk we've got spare oil, water, and transmission fluid for the car, a spare set of bearings and a spare tire for the trailer, extra sparkplugs, grease, lubricants, and TC-W3 Quicksilver 2-Cycle oil for the outboard, a hydraulic jack for the trailer axle. Next we encounter Palmer-Johnson's main plant, where they craft beautiful steel and aluminum yachts of lengths that will astound you.