oxygen challenge coupon

made a goal to just stay away from it! . Oxygen definitely has more of a bodybuilding, freaking ripped chick feel to it, but its still very practical and relatable. . It also makes it hard for me to take instruction from others.

I thought this video really helped to give a basic overview of the program (I could NOT figure out how to make it bigger than thissorry!). Over the years Ive participated in a bunch of different challenges, programs, workout plans, diet plans, etc. . I suspect there will be a lot more that I learn as the weeks.

Sugar is such an addictive thing to me and I know how easily it can derail all of my healthy goals. . Ive loved those plans, but it can be frustrating when the equipment needed isnt available. . One thing that I did that helped me a ton is I tried to stay away from sugar as much as I could. (Although I do miss my pumpkin pie oatmeal). My heart wont be broken if I dont make one of the 20 finalist spots but I think I have just as much chance as anyone else. Ya know, losing weight, gaining muscle, leaning out, becoming healthier, etc. Im approaching the challenge with a mindset of what can I learn for the next phase of my life, not just for the next 90 days. Then, for some reason about half way through the challenge I started to have a little bit of sugary stuff here and there. . You just have to challenge your body, work those muscles, fill your body full of good clean food and just keep doing it! . I may chime in from time to time about my experience but not as a personal trainer.