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adjusted to increase or decrease by updating the publishing software code or program, in FIG. As described above, the method or process for existing solutions doesn't provide the automated or self-service functionality and requires multiple manual steps to create and manage digital coupons, discount deals and/or weekly ads and publish them to a web site. If they don't type anything, the field stays blank.) Sales Restrictions: (User types in any offer restrictions they may have) Start Date: (User selects this from the calendar that appears) Expiration Date: (User selects this from the calendar that appears) Logo: (User can upload. The user is then retrieves the existing digital coupon, discount deal or weekly ad and enters the content update via the web browser. The claimed method or process, as applied and built using available standard web technologies, creates an end to end solution with a single user performing the steps and publishing it instantly to a web site for immediate use. Module 4 as shown in FIG. Below is the end to end method or process summary for the entire digital coupon, discount deal or weekly ad creation and management solution for both claims:. The database server referenced is established using a Microsoft SQL, MySQL or Oracle server. Detailed software design logic and applied invention methods are supplied below: Module 1 as shown in FIG.

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digital coupon platform

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If they select No, the space is left blank.) FIG. Play a growing collection of great PC games, try new EA games before they're released and save 10 on Origin purchases. This will save Alliance Marketing customers valuable financial resources, as there is no need for any capital expenditure for new hardware or software to implement a digital coupon program, observed Catania. Massively-multiplayer online game with a Free-to-Play option that puts you at the center of your own story-driven Star Wars saga. According to M-Dot CEO Bill Catania, his company plans to have about 180 Alliance Marketing customers live by the end of the year. 6 shows the layout, standard fields and customizable fields of a pre-built digital weekly ad template that is configured by the publishing software's Module 1 in FIG. Company Name: (User types in their company name.) Deal Type: (Drop down listuser selects from the following options) Daily Weekly Yearly Discount Type: (Drop down listuser selects from one of the following options) Fixed Amount Percentage Based Free Discount For: (Drop down listuser selects from.