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by a short beach shuffle in-between. If you are coming from Honolulu the entrances into Kaaawa Valley are. Youll do this several times. . Temps between 80 to 85F. There are dozens of restaurants in the area from simple to gourmet. From there the long, single-loop 19-mile mountain bike course starts at about 500 feet elevation, twists, turns, and rolls through the forest for seven miles then begins a gradual 700-foot climb to the summit. Xticer Course Description, we start with a 200 meter swim in Double Oak Lake before getting on the bike for a 11k ride (about.83 miles). .

Runners World Magazine called the trails one of Americas Crown Jewels 25 best trails in the nation, and the International Mountain Bicycling Association granted them the prestigious epic Rides Hall of Fame designation given only to those rare trails guaranteed to blow your mind. bump has spent more than 100,000 hours in design and construction of new trails over the past 20 years in conjunction with the efforts of County Manager Alex Dudchock and Oak Mountain Superintendents. We actually think itd be very cool if it rained. Bring your kids too, theyll love it, but please leave your dogs at home. The start for all three race distances is at the Kaaawa Valley base camp. Rain OR shine, the race will. . One of the crew favorites is the Margarita Grill on purchase officials promo code Cahaba Valley Road. Easy at first, and then brutally steep, and totally exposed to the sun. Place the parking pass on the dashboard of your car. The sprint bike course starts with a climb up Peavine Road then connects to the full course at the Centipede Trail and follows the super fun downhill single track to the finish.

The world championship 21K and 10K runners will continue on the upper road until heading steeply downhill, some on road, some on grass towards the back of the valley. Just when runners might be thinking this isnt so bad, the terrain starts to climb. Museums and historic places abound.  Locations are identified on the race map.