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original review: June 30, 2018. She then looked at my old glasses from 2 or 3 years ago I purchased from Visionworks. Next week I goes back and the guy looking just as puzzled as I were. 24, 2017 I went to our local Visionwork's #366 store in Asheville, NC on for a pair of glasses.

Back to Visionworks again for a copy. I placed my order with them and I was told that it would take a week before I could get them back. I wouldnt recommend this store to my enemy.

Did not know this was possible. So, just how does one know that they got what they paid for? 14, 2017 I used insurance money to purchase contact lenses.

Least satisfied are more likely to leave reviews. Ordered new glasses and sunglasses. I explained to her that I only needed a prescription to help me read as it was getting more and more difficult to strain my eyes in order to see small print and the computer screen. When I sit down, the associate looks at my information and says "So you have a pretty bad astigmatism, huh. Getting glasses from there was a big mistake. That was back in February and now in July we want to order a second box and use the remaining 40 however Visionworks refuses to let us use the balance.

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