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(BN and is commanded by a colonel (COL). Boomerang : something that does injury to the originator, as a scheme or argument that backlashes, backfires, or bounces back; as derived from the curved throwing stick of aboriginal peoples; see turn IN THE barrel, riposte / ripost, revolution, counterattack. Balkanization : to divide a group or area into smaller and usually ineffectual entities, typically quarrelsome or contending; also known as "Balkanism as to factionalize, splinter, fragment, subdivide, or disintegrate a population or territory. Cf: ambulette Also, a metonym for an enlisted medical aidman and corpsmen, who's also called "shank mechanic "pill pusher and medic; see DOC, baby DOC, pecker-checker, BAC SI, Y SI, bone cutter, angel, ramp tramp, orderly. The beetle bailey comic strip (and later comic book, film, and TV series) is set on a typical Army training base Camp Swampy and peopled with stereotypic personalities of the era, including 'Killer' Diller (lover Plato (intellectual Zero (rube Cosmo (huckster Rocky, Julius Plewer (fussbudget. Nb: "The only thing that travels faster than misinformation is bad news! Nb: the British Army commonly used the term "Barracks Hut" to refer to temporary billets for military personnel as long ago as the 1800s; it's alleged that this older British usage may have influenced current American usage throughout this Mid-East region biathlon : an athletic. Nb: The Rangers of World War II and Korea had been designed as light-infantry shock troops; their mission was to hit hard, hit fast, then get out so larger and more heavily armed units could follow through. Bell THE CAT : an impractical remedy or impossible solution to a pressing issue or vexing problem; by reference to the Aesop fable wherein a clever mouse proposes that a bell be tied to the cat to give all mice warning, to which suggestion. See juice, blower, fast mover, sonic boom. V: cask, vat, tun, butt, drum, hogshead, barrel, tank, rundlet, kilderkin, puncheon, keg, carboy, breaker, jug, tub, firkin, salmanazar, pottle, flask, pony, gill, pot, flagon, bottle, demijohn barrel-ASS : vulgar or vernacular slang meaning to move at high speed, to charge headlong; commonly expressed. Also, impudent or brazen.

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Boatswain'S pipe / boatswain'S whistle : a simple musical device used by the boatswain to make shipboard announcements over the public address (PA) or loudspeaker system (1MC often just a series of melodious notes (not even accompanied by words of instruction). Also, the end or extremity of anything, especially the thicker, larger, or blunt end considered as a base, bottom, or support; including butt cap and rifle butt or buttstock. V: consanguinity brother IN arms : see BRO, blood brother, comrade, shipmate, messmate, camaraderie, asshole buddy, band OF brothers, buddy system, trade envelopes, little brown brother. Vietnamese Ranger trainees were taught how to operate in forest, mountain, and mud Rung - Nui - Sin Lay (rnsl) in a course at Duc My in Nha Trang. BOY'S club : (forthcoming fraternal order, fraternity; "boys will be boys" vs "old boys club" eg: Kit-cat Club; see good people, good stick, good OLD BOY, trade school, ring-knocker, caste, khaki mafia, THE establishment, brownie, VET / veteran, professional veteran, veterans' association, SIX degrees.

Reserve your room by calling the Hotel Madison at or emailing the hotel at ; identify yourself as a Virginia Society of Ornithology member in order to receive these special rates. Birth control device : military issue eyeglasses, also called "birth control glasses" (BCG the standard issue eyeglasses are a universal barrier and ubiquitous impairment to sexual relations devised by Pentagon geeks and Congressional dweebs to limit paternity suits.