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be more responsive to enemies entering its radius, damaging them immediately. Fixed various issues related to the Second Dream Quest (no spoilers). General Changes Players will now keep parts of their inventory when reconnecting to a Mission after having crashed or disconnected: Clients can only recover their previous rewards as long as the Host is still in the Mission. Fixed an error preventing players from being able to rebind their Abilities as per: this thread Fixed Clients not properly seeing Grineer security drone lasers in Spy Missions. Fixed various flickering glass textures in the Void. Made various adjustments to the Liset's exterior lightning. Atlass Landslide and Rhinos Charge now have.8x energy multiplier per successive hit. Fixed the Staticor firing in place of a held Mobile Defense Datamass if a host migration occurred. This also fixes firing the Lanka in Mags Magnetize bubble resulting in a massive unintended Sniper combo increase. Toned down the bright visual FX on Oberons Hallowed Ground.

Fixed Lech Kril being associated with Phobos instead of Ceres in Sortie missions. Made various audio adjustments to the Sands of Inaros Quest levels. Power Cell carrying enemies should be more readily available before the first Dig Site is active. Oberon : Phoenix Renewal : Renewal Augment - Taking fatal damage while under the effects of Renewal will instead heal you or allies to 50 health. Fixed the Rank 1 Mastery Test forcing players to use their secondary weapon instead of a primary.

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Fixed missing objective markers in the Recovery mission. Fixed the Aseron Sekhara Nightmare Badge not properly flipping directions on either shoulder. With the improvements made to the Fatal Attraction precept it is now much more effective at incapacitating enemies and gets more efficient as players eliminate mesmerized enemies. If an enemy is magnetized, bonus damage is dealt. Removed staggers from all equipped melee jack in the box coupons mail slide attacks with the exception of Fist weapons in Conclave. Fixed the left Edo and Left Prisma Edo Shoulder Plate clipping through Mag Primes shoulder. Our Audio Director, DEGeorge, has provided insight into why we changed the Hek sound originally here: link Changes: The squad UI now shows who is in range with the Tenno Affinity marker.