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A lot of people on set asked me if I had intentionally chosen this color to match my knitting but I didnt I just always have purple everything! I did the same thing for Rows 3 and 4 to really emphasize the ribbing. Both are super cute and cozy and fit in with this months theme of Little Village I can totally imagine these 2 accessories being worn in a snowy little village! The finished video is now on you tube and you can check it out here!

Another modification you could try is adding sleeves by crocheting around the armholes too! Both patterns are by designer Melina Gingras. Bra These shells ringwood pizza coupons were custom designed to encompass my DD boobs. . They are finished off with a knitted lace placket with buttons, which will look super cute peeking out of your boots! My first idea was to create a heart argyle pattern using cables. . Prizes First off, everyone who enters is a winner! . You can easily customize the length of your dress to make it longer, or you can even make it shorter to knit it as an equally beautiful lace top! As you can see below, each item was knit up to 2 or 3 points in the pattern so that when teaching in the video, I could seamlessly move from demonstrating one technique to the next without stopping to knit up to the next point. Collins, Colorado (home of Interweave Knitting) to film two knitting courses for their online learning platform, Craft University. . Yarns website called the, simple Crochet Shrug (see, hERE ). Buy More, Save More DO denim right A slim, straight style with a high waist.

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