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Navy to close off the North Sea. Alsace Loraine for details.) A reader writes, "It is actually hilarious to call these coupons Reichseierkarte (egg coupons of the Reich). These food ration money coupons (rice coupons; grain coupons) allow the bearer to buy a certain amount/weight of rationed foodstuffs. The Japnese attacked Pearl Harbor and 3 days latter Hitler declared war on the United States.

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There were also different levels for foreiners and Jews. It was the need to blockade German shipping as well as to bottle up the German fleet that caused the Royal Navy to locate its main base at Scapp Flow. The formidable page of German ration coupons pictured here is called a Reichseierkarte or Government (Reich) egg coupon card (figure 1). Children also had different levels assiged. Availability, gemans were only a right to purchase the item IF it was available. Most forms of material was involved. Depicted are some of the 60 money coupons included in the set. Poland, Denmark, the Low Countries, and France all had important agricultural sectors which meant that food was not an immediate problem. Then the Germans invaded the the Low Countries and France. A, b C, d E, f G, h I, j K,. XF 300.00 Photo Add-to-Cart (II IX IV 6477471) CN-874a (woman tractor operator; sheep) AU-UNC.00 Photo Add-to-Cart (viii III VII 0063531) CN-874c (tractorist; sheep; shepherd; mountains).00 Photo Add-to-Cart (III II 094318xx) CN-880c (women working in textile factory).50 Photo Add-to-Cart (V VII II 22634xx).

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