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y All unary operators should be written immediately before. Following are some examples showing the usage of spacing in code indentation. For wood frame railings, which typically use 4 x 4's for posts, this does not necessarily mean the 4 x 4's need to 80 coupons be 4' apart. So if it exceeds the limit then its become a problem to handle. And the reader will be comfortable enough to sail through it and understand the meaning. Listing 1 : The following sample shows indentation in different constructs public Indentation / While loop while (n 0) intln n; / if- else if - else conditional statements if (Cond1 val1) intln Cond1 is val1 else if (Cond1 val2) intln Cond2 is val2 else. Code indentation is a part of style and it is more of aesthetic interest. And the most important part is that, as a developer you must be passionate about coding and then only you will be able to include the art of coding in your development work. So in a group of developers, all the code generated will be of consistent in nature and reusable by any coder/developer.

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It also makes the code more readable if properly maintained. Formatting can be broadly categorized in the following sections. We need to remember that a proper indentation rule must be followed while coding so that the program is easily readable and maintainable in future. It means the start and close brace should have the same column location. Listing 2 : Following code sample shows the spacing best practices / NOT Recommended test (i, j / Recommended test(i, j All array names should be immediately followed by a left square bracket.

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