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appear on Pure Havane and they are not frequent. All of the Angel Men dry downs seem to last and this one seems lighter but still absolutely solid in regards to quality. It is etty inoffensive, not heavy or overpowering. It is a fabulous fragrance and reminds me of a smoked salmon breakfast that I once had on an Alaskan Cruise. Nice enough and safe enough, but can be perhaps boring to some with large collections of worry for this frag is being Gucci was recently bought by Coty, that this fragrance might be if you love this, might want to pick a bottle up sooner. There are so many Mugler flankers and clones that they have destroyed their own individuality. Such a mixed bag.

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But hours after applying, this is quite lovely. When you price yourself with Niche you better stand out amidst. I can see how people that love tobacco scents might grade this one as an A or even a masterpiece. And I just am not a big tobacco fan. Even with the lovely and fabulous Mugler Angel DNA I do not like the smell or top notes as well as Pure Chili and the price and availability is not as friendly as Pure Leather. I re-visited this recently, after all, it is everywhere, it has to be decent, right? Usage for me was light. It will probably go off the market for a few years as it is a limited edition and then people will get all excited and clamor for it and claim that it was a masterpiece that never should have been discontinued and ebay prices will.

Im glad that I had smoked salmon for breakfast. Today's Most Popular Coupons Deals. It might be the most friendly of the Angel Man flankers to be worn in spring or fall though I have not broken the seal on Pure Wood. Get Deal, expires: In 4 months 5 Off Your Next Stay, expires: In 4 months 10 Off on Premium Leather Sleeves for MacBook and iPad. Even though, I am not a tobacco fan, I like this one. And agree with them with a joyful heart and be glad to smell it on them. Angel Man is not a fragrance line for the non conformist anymore. It is expensive and a limited edition.