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Season". A Diet White Out was created for the FanDEWmonium promotion, which came in third place, not making it to the final round. Mountain Dew Cherry Fusion 200910 A red-colored, cherry-flavored fountain drink only available at Wienerschnitzel restaurants in the Western United States. Auto Graflex Grafox Logistix Grafton Radio Company Graham Amplion Graham Engineering Graham International Graham Magnetics Graham-Paige Grahame Grainbelt Sign Board Gram Grameen Phone Grammont Aurore Brnice Esclarmonde Fortunio Griselidis Hrodiade Isabelle Isoline Orphe Portatif Poucet Salammb Viviane Grampian Gran Prix Granada Colourette Granada Media Group. "Mountain Dew Game Fuel » Citrus Cherry Mountain Dew based on Halo 3". 28 Mountain Dew White Out 2010present (U.S.) 2012present (Japan) 20 (Canada) 2014 (New Zealand) A white-colored, smooth citrus-flavored Mountain Dew. 126 Mountain Dew promised a return after 2013 after "Dew Fans" voted for names with 6 different kinds of cans for certain regions of the United States, named Liberty Malt, Southern Gold, Rusted Malt, Gold Mountain Malt, Great Plains Gold Miner's Malt.

Archived from the original on Retrieved "Mountain Dew Game Fuel » Citrus Cherry Mountain Dew based on Halo 3". Mountain Dew Electric Apple 2012present This flavor was introduced exclusively at Villa Pizza restaurants as part of their "Dub the Dew" promotion. 99 Voltage was announced andy's statewide coupons the winner with 42 of all votes on It was released as a permanent flavor on 29 December 2008 and was later released in New Zealand in 2011 under the name "Electro Shock" and described as a "charge of wild berry. It sold in 16 oz cans similar to that of Black Label and Green Label, and is described as "Mysteriously Exotic Dew". 114 In 2011, the "Mountain Dew Throwback Shack" offered a prize of "A Hidden Stash of Dew" which was revealed to be glass bottles of Revolution with lab labels on them. Value Sound Blaster Pro Sound Blaster Vibra vibra16k Sound Blaster WavEffects TV Coder Vibra Video Blaster Video Spigot VideoBlaster WebCam Go Plus Wave Blaster WebCam X-Fi Elite Pro X-Fi Fatal1ty X-Fi Platinum X-Fi XtremeMusic Zen Micro Zen Vision: M 3D Blaster 3D Blaster Banshee. This flavor was one of the "FanDEWmonium" promotion series of flavors and made it to the finals with Diet Mountain Dew Supernova, meaning it had a limited release.S.