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It was all a joy. Now, with the last surviving member of The Blue Moon Boys having just passed, Garry Tallent's great "lost" recording of DJ and Scotty rockin' hard into their 60s is certainly worth revisiting. Clarence walked all swagger and attitude and presence. Meltzer, Mark (September 28, 2017). He had a real voice and charisma and did the job well.

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Arby's America's second largest sandwich chain (after Subway).
Storytelling is a bit of a buzz word.
Except when it's actually put to good use.

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But with grace and honesty, the song put Bruce's love/hate relationship with his hometown on full display, two decades before Springsteen on Broadway. The lawsuit had no liability damages except for lawyer fees. "Triarc and Wendy's Shareholders Approve Merger". How do you confuse a French soldier? His voice, aged and unable to quite hit the high notes that it used to, was still familiar, and still full of life. The villagers, of course, do nothing but run away from them. The moment of truth was approaching, but beneath the nerves lay a commitment and determination that would see him through. If a player hits the function keys F1-F10 while playing, a country-specific voiceover will ask allies for help or will taunt the enemy. The applause was resounding in appreciation of the effort. And of course Scotty was a gentleman, too. The Spy class is stereotypically French with an outrageous accent, and his "Meet The" video portrays the RED Spy as a Magnificent Bastard who seduced the BLU Scout's mother and single-handedly eliminated just about every member of the BLU team.

Storyhacking: How to use storytelling to sell (2016)

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