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in the grade of the fourth. Home attractions, tickets, caf birthdays hours directions groups fundraising, malibu Grand Prix Norcross 5400 Brook Hollow Pkwy. Today that effort is evident on Peachtree Street, which spans across the entire town and is just a small part of the 112 acres listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Parkway, Malibu Grand Prix is located a half mile ahead on the left. Another lap and it's in the bag. I can feel it in my bones I ran a record time. You may have got the trophy but Macy's still standin with me, yeah. Tire are bumpin heart is thumpin out of my chest he's got my by a nose but I'm doin my best the final turn is comin and I see his taillights. On I-85 North take exit #101, Indian Trail Road, take a left off the exit ramp. At the exit ramp intersection light, go straight ahead onto Brook Hollow. I'll smoke him in a rematch, But I guess not tonight, my car is sittin sideways just beyond that flag. The stage is set the last race of the night. I know I'll send him packin haven't lost in my life the red light fades from a yellow to green. I wouldn't normally brag but I do own the track at least here locally, little Macy and Me just you wait and see. Of the Malibu Grand prix.