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when my own Y-DNA haplogroup was confirmed, only two other members of the Waldron Surname DNA Project had a confirmed haplogroup, namely a Waldron in R-L20 and a Phillips in R-DF23. During this period, paratransit demand and services rapidly expanded. Anthea, on the other hand, based only on 23AndMe customers, has 20 GEDmatch matches by X-DNA Total cM of longer than.6cM, of whom none are male and none share an autosomal half-identical region longer than 7cM with her. Relationship Range: This is the primary field by which results are sorted by default in the web browser, but not in the Excel download (Column C). The old-fashioned R1b1a1a2-type descriptors no longer appear on the ftdna haplotree. and of course my ninth cousin twice removed. Not yet having found the quick route to the Longest Block figure, I thought I then had to View this data in a table and scan the centiMorgans column for the largest value.

This hypothesized gestation interval may effectively cancel out the alleged 10-20 error. Thus when making contact by e-mail one must mention on which website one found the e-mail address. Indeed, this question did not arise in my own mind until I found that I shared half-identical regions with a ninth cousin twice removed. At most locations on the genome, the mutation rate is effectively zero and the same letter is observed for all humans. For example, V's first pair could be AC, W's first pair could be CT, and Z's first pair could be GT (which is not half-identical with AC). In theory, some of these five ftdna-overall-matches could match the questioner's paternal chromosome 14 and others match her maternal chromosome.